About Us

CT Cleaning Services are one of the few offering professional cleaning services in the Costa Blanca to suit all clients needs from housework, holiday change over cleaning, upholstery cleaning to a more demanding spring or builders clean or a total refurbishment program.

As a family run business, our small team offers a personal quality service, and a friendly recognizable face. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a reliable, secure and prompt service with excellent standards which is why the majority of our client base has been built on recommendation.

Whether you are living in Spain or maintaining a holiday home or investment, CT Cleaning Services always like to maintain constant contact via phone or email, updating you on the status of your property and reporting any issues or potential problems.

When offering our services we go that extra mile to ensure that those small items such as light bulbs, or new batteries in remotes are taken care of so you don’t have to. We like to know that our clients not living in Spain are able to enjoy their holidays without worrying about the small jobs when they arrive, or have prior notice of any issues before arrival, leaving them free to relax and enjoy their property.

For those living in the Costa Blanca we also offer a wide range of services whether you need just a little extra help to manage each week or once in a while. We can offer tailor made service packages according to your needs, spring cleaning, weekly housework, or garden maintenance etc.. tell us your house cleaning requirements and the schedule to which you will need to work, and we can create a program that will best suit your personal routine.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve and do things better and continually choose to train in the use of new products and innovations on the market. Our confidence in offering a high quality service whether regular housekeeping, or larger refurbishment projects means we are happy to put you in contact with one of our satisfied customers for a full reference.

Gardening Services

Gardening in a climate in a hot dry summer where it doesn’t rain for months and the temperature stays resolutely above 30 degrees C with 12 hours or more of sunshine forces a radical rethink about everything in the garden. In these conditions and of course the most pressing problem being the lack of regular water, gardening needs to be entirely re-thought.

When you are not living in Spain even the smallest garden can provide you with ample work on arrival from picking up dead leaves and debris from your gravel, to taming an over grown bougainvillea bush. With small regular monthly gardening programs available from as little as 20€ per visit we can ensure that your garden is kept neat and tidy and trees and plants are not allowed to grow wild. Simple tasks like weeding gravel areas, and tiled areas can take so much time, if only tended to once or twice a year, but not if kept regularly.

If you let us know when you are arriving, we can ensure your regular service is carried out just before your arrival and outside furniture and terraces can be cleaned and washed over ready for use, or a BBQ to enjoy the weather and outside space when you get here.

Painting and Decorating

For most of us our property, whether it be at home, or abroad, it will probably be the most valuable asset we own.
So it makes sense to keep it in tip top condition, if just only for your own satisfaction or whether as part of a maintenance program for a holiday rental property, or an improvement to aid a sale.

Therefore, when you feel it is time for it to be decorated internally, or painted externally, it is of utmost importance that the project be carried out by a skilled person from a painting and decorating background, and using only the best quality products.

We offer a reliable and professional service. Our decorating specialists have many years of hands on experience and can easily adjust to your needs. We ensure that all work undertaken and completed is done so to your own unique specifications, however large or small the job may be.